Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Big Sister Dumpling

The year was ending .... but I had been really cranky. I had been throwing D plenty of my temper tantrums this week, and it culminated today's outbreak at lunch. We were both quiet in the end ....... so how could we have had enjoyed our lunch at Big Sister Dumpling when tension filled the air .... But of course, being adults, we could be civilised and finished the meal together.

 Chicken and mushroom noodles for D
I ate some .... and found the broth the be peppery; the noodles were springy but a bit hard for me. 

 Steamed pork dumpling ... 

 Pretty large 

The juicy filling ... 

The dumplings tasted of peppercorns too .... reminds me very much of China; not bad, but I was not accustomed to the taste .... I ate half a dozen and D helped eat the other 2.

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