Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gelato Italiano

It was a cold and rainy evening when D picked me up from my house.

Why didn't you tell me? D pointed to my car.

Well, yeah .... my car was discharged from the workshop that afternoon ... and I was really mad at the length of time that it had been there ... and the ugly repair done on it. I was angry and I did not want to talk about it. That's why I did not tell D in the first place.

Sigh. D would distract me .... we went to CityOne Mega Mall but did not buy anything. D ate his dinner there ....

 Herbal Chicken Soup with Mee Suah
I tasted the soup, and it was tasty but a bit salty. 

After that, D and I went to the newly-opened Gelato Italiano outlet at ST3. It was a cold night for ice-cream .... but ... who cares? Lol.

 Lemoncello, matcha and black sesame 

I first had Gelato Italiano at the Kuching Festival this year, and I had quite enjoyed the ice-cream back then. So when I saw a discount coupon online for the ice-cream, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to buy. 3 scoops normally sold for RM9.90 per cup, but I only bought it at RM5.50 per cup. 2 cups cost RM11.00. That's a 44% discount. What a bargain, right? 

D and I went to redeem it the other night ..... 

Super dark chocolate, Mama cookies and Lemoncello for me :)) 
So the super dark chocolate gelato was rich and chocolate-y; Mama cookies was rich, creamy and some chopped oreos for texture; and Lemoncello was sweet and tart lemony ice-cream, almost like sorbet; 

Really, 3 scoops were a bit too much for a person .... lol ... but both D and I enjoyed our ice-creams a lot. :))

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