Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mandarin Restaurant, Kuching

I'd not eaten here for a long, long time. Mandarin Restaurant is located at the first floor of Liwah Hotel at Jalan Song Thian Cheok. S and I were here for our friend CM's wedding reception dinner. We reached the hotel early, and we were looking for the entrance, which was at the side.

Gift boxes containing confectionery for guests

Yay! Free flow of beer ... 
I had never ever spoken to my colleague D at school ..... but at tonight's dinner, we spoke for the first time, with him serving me beer throughout the night. Lol. 

The food here was surprisingly good. 

The hot combination had so many items! 
There was baby corn, shrimps, ham, abalone slices, chicken, fish maw, bacon and tofu gluten. We had our fill of this dish! 

Sharks fin soup
A bit too starchy .... too bad. 

Steamed fish
A bit too plain and fishy for me ... 

Stir-fried vegetables 

Braised pork leg
This dish was very good .... the meats very soft and succulent and the gravy was really yummy. Great to eat with the steamed buns .... 

Steamed buns 

Roasted duck
The duck tasted very good, and very tender. Dip the meat into the plum sauce to enhance the flavour. The skin, though, I felt could be a little crispier.

Nestum prawns
The prawns were very large .... I supposed it tasted alright ... but I personally did not like cereal coated prawns. 

Lotus paste pancake .... 
This was great too, with is skin crispy and flaky and the filling not too sweet.

I had an enjoyable time that evening. And no, I did not get drunk. Lol.


  1. haha...ur colleague trying to get u drunk? LOL! ok kidding!
    btw, the first dish is very impressive!

  2. Yeah .... I enjoyed the meal very much. :))



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