Friday, December 5, 2014

Pre-Xmas Shopping @ The Spring

D brought me to The Spring because I needed to buy the lightning to USB cable to replace my faulty one. The Spring has been beautifully decorated and lighted up for Xmas .... seriously, I could just sit there for a long time and look at the lights, while listening to Xmas tunes in the background ....

 So enchanting and bewitching ..... 

We dropped by at the Food Bazaar ..... and I Love Yoo had opened or re-opened at outlet there. I ordered Set B .... which comprised a hot soy bean drink and a piece of youtiao

 Set B,

Well, the drink was smooth but I did think that the soy bean soup needed to be hotter. The youtiao was chewy, and I felt that it could be a little saltier, and served hot and crisp from the fryer.

Not only did I buy my lightning cable,

See the damaged parts on the old cable ... 

 I also bought a mobile wifi device .... 

 Whee! Now I can share my broadband among my devices. 

What a fruitful shopping trip ..... and it's not even Xmas yet. :P

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