Sunday, December 28, 2014

Frozen Magic

The other day, D had an Xmas party at his office. In exchange for the gift he bought, he got a squeeze cup slushy maker. So interesting! D said he was lazy to make any ..... and therefore, I volunteered to test out the cup and make my own slushy ....

Korean Slushy Ice Maker

The cup was made of silicone and made up of two layers. The outer layer was the silicone cup while the inner layer is a liquid cup which froze in the freezer. It came with a screw-on lid and a spoonstraw.

The instructions were simple and straightforward. I merely washed it and popped the whole cup into the freezer. The next day, I took it out and poured a whole packet of chilled Yeo's Green Tea into the cup ......

 Frozen cup and chilled green tea
Any drink can be used to make slushy, be it carbonated drinks or fruit juices. 

Then I squeezed the cup for about a minute .... and ta-da!! 

 Green tea slushy


Magic! Mum exclaimed. I sent D to enquire his colleague about where to buy the cup .... apparently it was available at any Watson's outlet. I had since bought my own cup in green, and had been enjoying fruit slushies for a few days already!

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