Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sugar Water

D and I went for a movie ... and then it was supper at KY Cafe, where big bowls of kolo mee and soup were sold till late in the night. The kolo mee here seems quite popular with local folks, who stop by to grab a hot meal. The noodles here is quite tasty, each strand coated in glistening lard .... D did not mind the kolo mee, though it wasn't the best in his books.

Kolo mee meal with plain tea .. 

But that night, D ordered an iced lemon drink and was annoyed that it was composed mainly of sugared water. Sugared water + 3 pieces of thinly-sliced lemon. We poked at he lemon to get the zest out into the water .... but it did not help much. 

Iced lemon? Or sugared water? 

In his exasperation, D complained to the Lady Boss behind the counter .... she shrugged it off saying, "we've always made our iced lemon drink this way ...." and then she went off busying herself.

Hmn. We won't order any iced lemonade here in the future.

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