Sunday, December 14, 2014

Salmon Party II

We went back, 12 of us colleagues, to Sanga Japanese Restaurant at Jalan Chan Chin Ann for our salmon fish party yet again. We last came in September. Read here.

Sashimi on a salmon boat ... 

Salmon nigiri, beautifully laid out 

Salmon fried rice
The rice was served warm, and was a welcome after the cold sashimi and sushi dishes ... There was lots of garlic used to fry the rice, and the bits of salmon added bursts of flavour to it. Very enjoyable fried rice to eat! 

Grilled salmon fish head
This time around, the head yielded more meat ... and it was also very enjoyable to eat. 

Salmon skin crisps
Loved the crispy deep-fried skin, somewhat like crackers. Yum! 

We did not want the okonomiyaki and also the ice-cream dessert this time around. Instead, we ordered off the menu 2 types of tempura .... 

Soft shell crab Tempura
The portion was quite small, not quite enough to go around; the flavour of the crab also did not come through somewhat; we enjoyed the crunchy texture, though.

Shiitake Tempura
The mushroom was surprisingly tender, coated with crunchy batter and deep-fried; we liked this better than the soft-shell crab.

For our meal, we paid but RM32 per pax.

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