Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd

As far as I know, Kulai is in Johor. So yeap, just reading the label confirmed that this organic beancurd hailed from Johor. Well, it was probably made locally by the franchisee .... hmn .... but don't quote me, for I could not and would not be sure,

I'd seen it being sold around town, but had never tried it before. Till that day when I accompanied D to Premier 101. There is a kiosk there which sells only the beancurd. I bought 2 containers for RM8.00.

 Fancy tofu ... 

 Looking temptingly smooth ...

Yums ... 

"Not bad hor," D said. D, who was particular about drinking soy milk because he claimed that it was harmful to men (lol), actually liked the soy beancurd.

The tofu was indeed very good - not sweet, so smooth that it melted in the mouth. I enjoyed my bowl as well. Priced at RM4.00 each, these organic beancurd was certainly pricey, eh? So, perhaps I can only afford this treat once in a blue moon. :P

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