Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 1 With Wheels

I had my wheels back. I had my independence back. I was free to go anywhere I liked. I went to eat breakfast with D, and then I went shopping! :))

For once, D was at The House 莊家 earlier than I was. Lol. Usually, he would be late. But that morning, thinking that he would be late, I went late. So when I reached there, he already had his laksa and coffee on the table.

Alfred's Laksa, RM5.00
The laksa was nice .... the gravy thick and rich, but today it was a little saltier than I remembered. D felt that the prawns were not succulent enough, but I thought they were alright. Love the generous sprinkling of coriander to go with the laksa ...

Come lunch, I had a quick one after shopping at Parkson .... 

Nasi Lemak, RM9.80
One of the more edible dishes at the Food Bazaar, I think.

After that, it was to the gym's to burn off those calories ...... :P 

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