Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Unexpectedly After Breakfast

I was really early that morning as I needed to go and sign for the exam papers at the Exams Office at Matang. It took but 10 minutes and I was done .... and because I had lots of time to spare, I went to McDonald's at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. That's the first ever McDonald's opened in Kuching years and years back, located just next to Tun Jugah Shopping Centre. I had not been to this outlet for years too!

I reached the outlet .. and saw that it was empty inside; 2 of its staff were squatting outside the entrance, at the edge of the parking spaces. Just as I got out of the car, they hurried inside. There were 3 counters there and stood at the middle one. 1 of the staff appeared. She looked dour, and she stood at the counter on the right. I looked at her, and she could not even tell me to order there ..... sigh .... was it too early that she was still half awake?? Hmn ....

 Sausage and egg McMuffin Meal, RM9.20

As I ordered, I could see my muffin being assembled by 2 staff in the kitchen .... and the dour-looking lady poured my coffee and fetched my hash brown ....

That morning, the muffin tasted great ...... but the coffee was lacking lots of character and was too diluted. Free refills were available ..... but I could not even muster half a cup .... 

Please improve the brew!! 

I left the outlet after I finished eating ............ but as I was driving aong Ellis Road, my car tyre burst!! Oh dear!! I had an exam to invigilate ......


  1. alamak! tyre burst halfway...tht's a nightmare! hope u r OK.

  2. lol! i'm fine, thanks for your concern. Just feeling a bit frustrated, that's all.

  3. Wow, what a day it must have been! Did you find out any underlying cause for the tyre bursting? It is pretty risky is one cruising at high speed.

  4. It's already worn; luckily i was driving really slow, and luckily my house was nearby and I could still make it home safely. Phew!



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