Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ah Loke Chicken Rice @ Kong Yik 公益

D and I had lunch at Homemade Specialties one day. We each had an awesome bowl of pork noodle soup. Read here for my review.

Morgan Pork Soup, RM5.50

Then, I told D that I would like to have lunch at the shop a few doors away, Kong Yik 公益 was its name. This shop is famous for its char siew.  D agreed to accompany me the next day ....

Char siew and lor bak platter
BBQ meat and braised pork

Savoury rice, and belacan dip in the little saucer 

A hot bowl of soup and a smaller bowl of curry gravy for each person 

Well, the rice was yum ... savoury and fluffy; the soup was yum as it was served hot and very umami; the belacan dip was yum ... pungent and spicy; and the meats were superb - flavourful and tender. The price was not cheap, though, RM20.00 for the food excluding drinks.

I'll be back!


  1. char siu rice with curry gravy? that's seldom seen. The char siu looks good but i prefer to have cucumbers or some greens to go along with it ;-)

  2. Ya .... hee ... you could have curry rice if you wanted to. There are cucumbers under the platter of meat .... all covered by the generous portion of meat. It was a nice meal. :P



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