Thursday, December 18, 2014


D forgot to bring his wallet.

But it was alright. We did not have to pay as I had already purchased RM20 worth of coupon from Groupon. This is a Taiwanese style drinks hole located at Premier 101.

I do think that the menu was a bit confusing, and I had to ask the staff what they actually were behind those fancy names. Even after she had clarified, I was still unsure of what some of the items actually were.

The menu

Then she failed to take down my orders, so that I had to repeat it for her; And she also did not ask whether I wanted my coffee hot or cold .... hmn ....

 Cappuccino, RM5.60 & Snowcap Coffee RM6.60
I had actually wanted a hot cuppa; I did not quite like the taste of the coffee either 

But the soft serve ice-cream was yummy!! It wasn't sweet, not really that smooth but pleasantly enjoyable. 

  Small cone, RM1.80

Deep-fried chicken wings, RM6.60
Crispy and hot .... can't go wrong with fried chicken ;)) 

Our bill came to RM20.60; So D dug his pocket and came up with the coins ... lol. Quiet, not many people ... kinda a nice place to hang out.


  1. i dun drink coffee so no comment here...The ice-cream looks exactly like McD version, but perhaps the taste would be slightly different.

  2. Milky, but not too sweet; and not as creamy as McD's but very nice to eat at the same time.



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