Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Demon Deli

I had bought a groupon for Demon Deli .... so D and I headed over for our lunch there. The shop was located at Tabuan Tranquility, near Giant Stutong, and was not difficult to locate even though we'd both never been there before.

First impression, well, I found the staff to be very impersonal and unfriendly ..... when giving us the menu, when taking our orders, serving the food and so on ... so I'd not give them high marks for service.

The drinks came in huge sizes! In the menu it was stated 650cc .... and I could not imagine how large they were, being more accustomed to the measurement of volume in millilitres. So we both regretted ordering 2 drinks when we could have just shared 1.

Iced tea for me, hot tea latte for D ... 

With our RM19 groupon, we had .... 

Eeew .... the chicken fingers were burnt .... but the nuggets were alright; 
Hmn ... I could have fried all these myself ... it was meh.

And D and I each had a bear paw .... 

Th bun came in an orange-y hue and stamped with the signature bear paw .... 

Beef and cheese on a bed of lettuce and a slice of tomato, and served with fries
D said the burger was slightly spicy ..... and other than that, no comment from him 

Breaded Pork and cheese sauce on my bear paw
The pork cutlet was super crispy and crunchy ..... the batter was thick and the meat was a mere thin sliver, but at least it tasted nice; I liked the cheese sauce, though

Well, with the bear paw tried, we both did not find much to be desired here.

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